Aerial Photography & Survey
A helicopter can provide a unique photographic angle, as well as to get an overview of an area or work being performed. Also makes an excellent real estate marketing tool. Compared to an airplane, a helicopter is still legal when lower than 500 feet above the ground and is able to slow down for better detail. A helicopter can save time and money as compared to a ground crew doing the same work.

We, at W.W. Helicopters, are a full service helicopter company providing aircraft and pilots for any survey or photographic need.

We have a variety of aircraft that would suit any needs that you may have. Our experienced pilots and well maintained helicopters will provide a safe and efficient flight.


Types of survey work already performed:

• Survey of the Dredging project of Big Muskego Lake for the Wisconsin DNR
• Powerline Patrol for Madison Gas and Electric
• Deer and Goose count for the DNR
• Tree survey for Miller Landscaping
• Survey of building sites for Johnson Wax and other companies
• Reconnaissance for local police and fire departments


You may have seen some of our photographic work with one of the following:

Aerial images of boats for Quarter Deck Marina and Glastron Boats
Aerial footage of Downtown Milwaukee in the opening film at the Milwaukee Public Museum’s IMAX theater
Aerial work for the Golf Channel, ESPN, CDS and The Black Wolf Run’s LGPA
Documentry for the Milwaukee Public Museum
Internet commercial for Lands End Clothing
Photographs in the Chicago Tribune, The Kenosha News and other local newspapers.

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