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Have you considered offering helicopter rides at your event but thought that the cost was too high? Just the opposite is true! W.W. Helicopters will fly rides at your event at no cost to you.

Everyone likes helicopters so when people see a helicopter flying in their area, they are naturally curious. This is what draws people to your event. Since Helicopters operate at an altitude of 300 to 500 feet we are very visible.
All we need is a suitable area for takeoff and landing, usually 100' by 100' that is obstruction free in two directions. This area should be highly visible from your event so that people know where to find us. We take care of everything else.
Rides last approximately 5 minutes and usually cost $25.00 per person.
We are fully insured and certificates of insurance are available, if needed. We conform with all FAA rules and regulations.

Offering helicopter rides can be an important asset to your event because:

It is a unique attraction to help bring people to the event
It will generate revenue
We are able to work out of most sites
We have safe, experienced pilots and well maintained aircraft
We are fully insured
The aircraft are quiet due to a special muffler
Custom flights are available
We have our own crew so we will be self sufficient

You may have seen us at one of the following events:

• County Fairs — Dane Co., Racine Co., Calumet Co., Manitowoc Co., Winnebago Co. and the Northern WI State Fair.

Festivals — Dan Jansen Festival, Kettle Moraine Days, Egg Harbor Pumpkin Festival, Darian Corn Festival, Kaukauna Days, Kimberly Paper Fest, Sawdust Days and Shopier Festival

Concerts — Country USA, Country Thunder and Rock America Fund Raisers, Walworth County Snowmobile Association, Mud Hens of Pell Lake and Potters Lake Association

Other Events — Elkhart Lake Road America, Janesville and Muskego Corn Mazes and Rockdale Children’s Home Balloon Rally

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