#1Tile Leveling System Clips |1/8 to 1/2| Bag of 300

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#1Tile Leveling System Clips |1/8 to 1/2| Bag of 300 Description

★ PRO LEVEL is the most pioneering Clip leveling System. ★ 100% EFFECTIVE TOOL allows earning a perfect, lippage-free Finish. ★ THIS TILE LEVELING OFFER – BAG OF 300 CLIPS/SPACERS – are element A of a two- elements installation System. The Wedge Element B of the System (sold separately) works by maintaining Tiles at an even Height until the Mortar sets, thereby ensuring the resulting Surface is level and free of lippage. ★ SUPERIOR QUALITY of the Clips (element A) combined w/ traditional Tile spacers allowing for 1/16′ grout Lines. ★ ENGINEERED TO level, align, space, and hold large Body porcelain Tile, Marble and Stone during Installation. ★ SMALL DEEPENING allows Mortar to disperse evenly to eliminate potential Voids. ★ PRO LEVELING CLIP & WEDGE SYSTEM safeguards flatness between tiles preventing movements during the mortar setting. Perfectly design to keeps tile level throughout installation. ★ SPECIALLY DESIGNED PRO LEVEL PRODUCT for lippage free tile and stone installation. System minimizes the effort and maximizes installer’s productivity & guarantees faultless flat, lippage free result. Easy, fast & comfortable to use for Professionals & DIYs It will help to save time while providing Level and constantly spaced Results. ★ PRO LEVEL is the System that tested & used by Professionals! Try it now & you will appreciate all its Advantages!

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