Aprilaire 35 Water Panel Evaporator (Pack of 6)

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Aprilaire 35 Water Panel Evaporator (Pack of 6) Description

Number of Items:6 The Aprilaire #35 water panel is an original, official replacement water panel for your Aprilaire model 350, 360, 560, 568, 600, 700, 760 or 768 whole-house humidifier. The Aprilaire #35 Water Panel Also Fits: Honeywell Humidifiers: HE-260A, HE-260B, HE-265, HE-360A, HE-360B, HE-365, ME-360 (HC26A1008) Lennox Furnace Humidifier Models: WB2-17, WB217, WP2-18, WP218, HUMCCLBP2317, WB-217, WP-218, HUMCCLBP-231 Carrier Furnace Humidifier Models: HUMCCLBP2217, HUMCCLBP2317, HUMCALBP2317, HUMCCLBP2417, HUMCALBP2417, HUMCCLFP1218, HUMCCLFP1318, HUMCALFP1318 Bryant Furnace Humidifier Models: HUMBBLBP2217, HUMBBLBP2317, HUMBALBP2317, HUMBBLBP2417, HUMBALBP2417, HUMBBLFP1218, HUMBBLFP1318, HUMBALFP1318 Trane Furnace Humidifier Models: THUMD500APA00B

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