LiftMaster 893Max, 1 Pack, Black

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LiftMaster 893Max, 1 Pack, Black Description

To determine if this remote control is correct for you, look on the powerhead (opener attached to the garage ceiling) for the color of the learn button. If you have a green, red or purple learn button this is the correct remote control for your garage door opener , for added safety, it features security+2.0 rolling code technology that virtually eliminates interference and sends a brand new code every time it is used. The 893LM signal has a long range and features LED light signals that helps with easy push-button programming. The 893 max can be used as a replacement remote control for 80 series, 970 series and 370 series LiftMaster remote controls. Replacement for these remotes: 81LM, 82LM, 83LM, 84LM, 370LM, 371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 374LM, 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 974LM.

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